Acting was my first stage love, and it is still very dear to my heart 🙂

Music came later and my songs are my dearest ‘ babies’ but I still love working as an actress on various creative projects.

Last night I was honoured to take part in an amazing acting workshop with a Casting Director Lucy Rands. Unfortunately I could only learn my lines for the scene I was selected for on the train to the very workshop, but thanks to having good memory, I managed to memorize all in just under an hour & perform the material with another actress.  It was incredible to be told afterwards, by several of the fellow actors who took part in the workshop, that according to them, I was “one of the best & I delivered the scene very well”. I was nearly sure that due to lack of time and preparation I would simply… run away & not show up, but I am very happy to report that hard work & courage paid off! The scene was difficult and challenging (I hated my character a bit! 🙂 )  but I tried my best & was truly delighted & humbled by comments I received. And it looks like I will work on an incredible project soon with one of new friends I met!


If you would like to see me act, have a look at my showreel below 🙂 Fingers crossed for more work very soon!

With hugs x