A week ago, I attended a course I had dreamt of for a while: TV presenting training with TV academy in Pinewood Studios. I love being creative, and MUSIC will always stay & have a special place in my life. Acting is a big love too, but sadly due to my French / Polish background, I only got to be cast as lovers, cleaners, prostitutes or other country stereotypes. A few years ago I discovered how much I love travelling, and so, going back to my journalist background, I have for long thought of learning more about working as TV presenter to meet incredible people from all around the world & e.g. film a series around my one more love: TEA :).

I worked as a presenter before, but tt was amazing to meet fellow presenters, including Finnish documentary maker Iris Olsson (see below), and hone our skills together . It was hard work, especially as I was suffering from a nasty cold, but also great fun to practice writing scripts, learning all the ins and out of the studio, and working with the camera. I simply cannot wait to share with you the end result – my final presenter showreel.


with iris


I hope the training will help me experience adventures all around our beautiful planet & visit places I have not even heard of! Stay tuned and cross fingers 🙂