….. is a lot of fun! A lot of hard work too, but mostly fun 🙂

Last year I auditioned for a commercial… not a big role but a nice one.

Every actor knows commercials are all about looks and luck –  they audition hundreds of people and all is about the right look so you may do your best but not be chosen due to someone in the marketing team of the product thinking they need a more blond or more brunette or more this or that actor / actress. So it is rare people get confirmed for a lot of commercial work… I have always known that, BUT at the same time, & around the time of the casting for that project I decided to be positive and ask universe for what I wanted no matter what.. It is not easy – seeing others equally good and prepared, worrying about your looks including cat scratches on your hand ;), worrying about the right make up etc etc etc. All decided in minutes! Yet, throughout the whole process, I promised myself I would stay positive… even when in a terrible accident I cut my head in the middle of the night and had to be rushed to emergency  – even then, crying like a baby I explained to the doctor on call that they have to put great stitches on my wound because ” I am shooting a commercial in January” despite having no confirmation at the time.  Yesterday it all happened as I imagined – I was dressed in some beautiful clothes and with some lovely people worked on a big fabulous commercial set  (see below my behind the scenes selfie 🙂 Looking forward for more acting work in 2015 & beyond! 🙂

maja commercial