Project Awesome - group squat & hug at the end

Project Awesome – group squat & hug at the end 🙂

This morning was a struggle… Not having fallen asleep till 3 am, I had to wake up around 5:45 am. A friend who was staying over at our couch (& who I also had to wake up & take care of, being a good hostess of course :), asked me why I decide to leave so early despite such a short & ergo painful night… But I was a woman on a mission! & nothing could stop me – Yes, I was shattered but also full of positive energy looking forward to an exercise class with an awesome difference :). Project Awesome run by a very awesome indeed & full of positive energy Mr Danny Bent, awarded a place in the famous Independent Happy list 2015, & Ms Adventurer Extraordinaire Anna McNuff, is simply put “FREE fitness movement in London that gets you out of bed and into shape” ( ok definitely out of bed, I confirm ;). Named “The friendliest workout in London” & taking place in some of the most scenic parts of London, such as today’s Tower Bridge area & Primrose Hill on Fridays, it is probably one of the most perfect ways to start your day with some friendly strangers coming from all ages, races & colours having one goal in common – have fun & get fit 🙂 All levels are welcome! Even though I regularly cycle, swim & as you know, hike whenever I can since the age of 5, after two hours of sleep, my press-ups were probably the crappiest ones today in front of the whole Project Awesome community :), but that did not matter at all – I was given a large amount of super warm hugs, high-fived fellow awesome-rs & passing by strangers (some of whom decided to join us for a while:), smiled a lot & danced a lot (yes, part of the work out, is a crazy dance, the crazier the better, whenever Danny uses his magic whistle 🙂 ) & overall had a great time! I will most definitely be joining them as regularly as I can from now on.

And if you like fun, positive energy, hugs & London you HAVE to join them one morning too! & I can guarantee you, you will feel totally awesome 🙂

see that girl with bright top & purple blue leggings in the corner? yeay that s me :)

see that girl with bright top & purple blue leggings in the corner? yeay that s me 🙂